Frequently Asked Questions

The awards are open to both organizations and individuals who have made demonstrable improvements in sustainability metrics in the related award categories.
To participate, you have to fill up the relevant nomination form for the award category you are applying for. You are also advised to provide supporting documents and send the same along with the filled nomination form to the Parivartan Awards official mail.
The winners are selected after a process which includes vetting of nominations by multiple independent industry expert who score the nomination on the UMI parameters. The winner is then selected from among the top ranked nominations by a jury of experts.
The UMI framework ranks the nominations on the following parameters:


  1. Is the initiative/strategy unique to the sector of operations or is it a common practice?


  1. The impact which the initiative/strategy has created (quantifiable impact supported by data receives a higher weighting)
  2. Does the nomination have the potential to create impact in an area which is material to the sector of operations?
  3. How much will the initiative/strategy move the needle on sustainability? (Is it material to the sector of operations)


  1. Is the initiative driven by the organizations’ management or is it a standalone initiative?
  2. How ingrained is sustainability in the corporate culture/DNA?
Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards 2016 would be announced by an esteemed jury at the evening plenary of the Annual Summit of the Sustainable Business Leadership Forum on November 24, 2016 in New Delhi.
The last date for submitting nominations to avail the early bird offer is September 15, 2016. Early bird nominations get a guaranteed slot at the Innovation Showcase platform of the Sustainable Business Leadership Forum.

The last date for submitting nominations are October 07, 2016.

Feel free to include up to 3 appropriate supporting documents like marketing brochures, pictures, client testimonials, web links, reports and audio visual material etc. with your nomination form. Any information provided by the nominee will be held in the strictest confidence!
The categories marked “Expert Nominated” would be nominated by a panel of Sustainability Experts and cannot be applied for.

For any other questions related to the Awards please feel free to write to us at or call us on our landline.